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IN DIGITAL photography

Course Overview

Whether you are interested in fine art photography, advertising, food photography or any other specialized area, this photography course is a great way to initiate. Therefore, having advanced knowledge in the field can help you tell a story, capture the beauty around as it is essential for fulfilling your creative vision. Expand your creative potential and capture images that you dreamt of by joining the course.

Course Objectives

The certificate course in photography will lay down the foundation or build up existing knowledge in the realm of still photography. Students can learn core concepts such as exposure, composition, light, camera type, lens type, and digital post-processing will be covered in this photography course.


Course module includes Fashion Photography, Product Photography, Architectural Photography, and Candid & Wedding Photography. The course is a must for aspiring photographers who want to progress to next stage and professionals who wish to brush up their skills.


  • Photography Industries
    • Fashion Photographer
    • Product Photographer
    • Wedding photographer
    • Architectural photographer


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