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IN Jewellery Design Illustration

Course Overview

This project-based course investigates the current trends in the market. Also, students are made to understand the intricate process of designing and drawing. This course lays the groundwork for developing future Designs that maintains IPR.

Course Objectives

This course aims to educate the student with basic designing and the sculpting concepts from the scratch. Preparing them for careers at renowned jewelry houses.


This course dives into the intricacies of basic designing and the delicate art of balancing the elements and symmetry. For students to have a better idea of the concept, concepts of jewelry designing and sculpting are taught from scratch.


  • Fashion Jewellery Industries
    • Hand Sketch Designer
    • Position at renowned jewelry houses
    • E-Commerce site Development
    • CADD Jewelry Designer
    • Assistantships at foundation institutes
    • Jewelry designer for renowned fashion companies
    • Designer for custom jewelry for movies


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