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IN Jewellery Design Illustration

Course Overview

This course is a full fledged package for beginners to learn jewelry design from the basics. This course builds a foundation for manual jewelry designing at the same time uses the insights of a computer aided software.Learning jewelry designing from scratch along with their concepts of implementations using computer aided software enables students to create extraordinary designs.

Course Objectives

This course will cover the design of jewellery design with hand sketch and computers. The goal of the course is for students to learn how to design and make jewellery using a variety of methods.


This course incorporates both jewelry design and computer aided software, enabling students to express their creativity to produce phenomenal designs expected in the market. Course includes:-
* Pencil sketching
* Metals & gemstone rendering
* Corel Draw/illustrator/
inkscape + Photoshop/Gimp
* Jewelry rendering (rings,
bangles, brooches, earrings & chains)


  • Fashion Jewellery Industries
    • Hand Sketch Designer
    • Position at renowned jewelry houses
    • E-Commerce site Development
    • CADD Jewelry Designer
    • Assistantships at foundation institutes
    • Jewelry designer for renowned fashion companies
    • Designer for custom jewelry for movies


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