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IN CAD for Creative Design

Course Overview

CAD as a digitizing drawing tool helps in collaborating, sharing details and communicating with vendors, builders, and architects to contributes towards integration of the interior design with the architect's design. With the use of CAD, designers can show real-time 3D models with, fixtures, furniture, appliances, etc. and make changes as per client's requirement and also reuse the designs for other drawings.

Course Objectives

The course furnishes students with simple basics of applying general drawing skills to a digital space to create shapes, forms, and solids. It will overlay a step-by-step process from foundation level of a professional level for performing in the field of interior design through CAD. The software is also a stepping stone to further improve on 3D works. CAD as a 2D base template helps in making the required improvements on the visualization after exporting it to another software.


The course emphasizes on prerequisites for an interior designer to have the set of skills required for the profession. It will provide a vital understanding of CAD, which is the most commonly used software by varied professionals in the construction industry thus having a wide variety of possible functions within each field. The course covers the basic principles of designing through digital work to develop technical and construction drawings required for any project.


  • Interior Designer
    • Construction
    • Events
    • Media
    • Multi-national Companies.
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