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Master Diploma

IN Interior Architecture & Design

Course Overview

The demand for Interior designers is growing day by day where People have started to recognize interior designers as qualified professionals for renovations, curating alterations and designing new constructions, residential homes and apartments. Designers also are innovating creators who design Interior commercial spaces like Retail, Corporate or Professional offices, Hospitals, Facilities, Healthcare centers, Institutions, Restoration and Adaptive Reuse.

Course Objectives

DreamZone's Master Diploma is a flexible and part-time program that is best suited for people who are unable to pursue a degree from Interior or Architecture colleges. The focused on interior spaces and provide adequate knowledge of the industry. Instill two-dimensional technical drawings and presentation required to communicate to a client with the three-dimensional visual model of the space as per the design envisioned.


The learning is supported by manual creative work, with detailed project work on software’s which are aided by lectures and seminars from leading practitioners of the field of Interior design and Architecture.
The module includes comprehensive reference guides for both theory and software tools which helps the student with information and technical detail which are useful for the professional field as well.


  • Interior Designer
    • Construction
    • Events
    • Media
    • Multi-national Companies.
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