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PG Diploma

IN Graphics & Animation

Course Overview

Animation has become a part and parcel of the entertainment industry. Being cost effective and its feasibility to create anything imaginable. Graphics has ventured and added colour to various means of communication from TV commercials to animation movies. It is only beneficial for students aspiring to become graphic designers and animators to strengthen these skills.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to introduce students to the professional world of graphics and animation, training them to become professionals in the field.


Graphics : Students gain a sound knowledge of colour, typography, images, and layout. They are trained in the art of visual communication involving various digital formats.
Animation : Students learn the basics of drawing, sketching, and shading, including animal/human anatomy and characters models. They are provided with hands-on experience in modeling, textures, composition, and character design.


  • Graphic Studio
    • Layout Designer
    • Logo Designer
    • Package Designer
    • Pagination Editor
    • Web Page Designer
  • Editing Studio
    • Image Editor
    • Texturing Artist in Animation Production houses
  • Advertising Agency
    • Visualizer
  • graphic
  • graphic
  • graphic
  • graphic


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